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Welcome to the historic La Rita Performing Arts Theatre.  Located in downtown Dalhart Texas, the La Rita is host to diverse theatrical and musical productions by both amateur and professional talents.  


The La Rita is open year-round, so please check our schedule and plan to be there for the next show.


The  La Rita Performing Arts Theatre has joined the Panhandle Gives Campaign which will take place November 20-28, 2023. 


We purchased the building to the north several years ago from the Masonic Lodge and currently the building is used for storage.  Our project, "Keeping Live Arts Alive" will include renovating a portion of the building to provide additional space for our patrons to enjoy our many activities and events.

The expected cost of this renovation is $150,000.  We would greatly appreciate your support during our Panhandle Gives Campaign.  Through your generosity and the generosity of others we look forward to "Keeping Live Arts Alive".

If you wish to make a donation, please make your check payable to "Panhandle Gives" and in the memo line write "La Rita Performing Arts Theatre" and mail to P.O. Box 466, Dalhart, TX 79022.

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Hello everyone! We hope you are all doing well and would like to thank you for your continued support!


Please stay tuned for upcoming events for 2023!


Please check back soon to see our upcoming shows!

Florence and Myrna, residents of a rest home in Pasadena, make up a story to test Myrna's children.  Florence has never had a real family Christmas. Myrna had years of storybook Christmases with her five children who live in  Idaho, but now health needs have brought her to a warmer climate.  Florence fantasizes that a family would come along and take her in for Christmas, but of course, no family would put themselves out that way. Yes, they would says Myrna, her children would; she taught them to be caring in just that way.  "Would not" says Florence, Thus is born Genevieve, a fictitious little old lady in a rest home near Myrna's children in Idaho Falls. If one of them will agree to take in Genevieve, Florence's dream will as good as come true; she will really believe in Christmas then.  Surprises that bring laughter and tears are a part of this heartwarming show. Don't miss this show!

Dalhart, TX

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